Our activities


In 2012-13, funding was provided towards transport, Smart State projects and education infrastructure, including:

  • infrastructure required for moving year 7 into secondary school
  • the Northern Busway
  • Innovation Building Fund recipients.
Queensland Future Growth Fund projects 2012-13
$ million
Transport infrastructure1 15.225
Smart State projects 32.309
Educational infrastructure 62.759
Total 110.293

1. Transport infrastructure includes the Mount Isa rail line project which had previously been re-allocated from the Commercial infrastructure project allocation.

The funding allocation for transport infrastructure has now been completed and the outstanding allocations for Smart State projects ($55.32 million) and education infrastructure ($259.341 million) have been transferred to the Consolidated Fund and factored into the forward estimates of the departments responsible for the delivery of these remaining projects.

Related entities

No entities were controlled by the Corporation. Agencies that received funding are required to record these activities within their Service Delivery Statements and annual reports.

A service level agreement was in place between the Corporation and Queensland Treasury and Trade for the provision of administrative services.

Internal audit function

Due to the nature of the Corporation and its use of Queensland Treasury and Trade’s infrastructure and policies, it was covered within the Queensland Treasury and Trade audit plan. Additional information on Queensland Treasury and Trade’s internal audit function can be found in the Queensland Treasury and Trade Annual Report.

Risk management

Risk management is a core part of Queensland Treasury and Trade’s corporate governance framework. It involves having the appropriate checks and balances in place to support our processes and systems. On a regular basis, senior management identifies business risks to ensure appropriate processes have been introduced to manage all risks associated with Queensland Treasury and Trade’s operations.