Non-Current Asset Policies Tools

Departments and statutory bodies must comply with the Non-Current Asset Policies for the Queensland Public Sector (NCAP) which sets out policies designed to assist the development of a framework for the identifying, acquiring, maintaining, disposing or, valuing or revaluing, recording and writing-off assets.

The NCAP Tools are a set of materials consisting of examples and consideration points to assist agencies in meeting their obligations under the Non-Current Asset Policies. The tools do not form part of the Non-Current Asset Policies and have been prepared to provide guidance only.

It is recognised that agencies may have developed processes or tools specifically for their agency’s needs and their use should be continued. The NCAP tools may be modified to meet agency needs and requirements.

Agencies are encouraged to advise Queensland Treasury and Trade (Fiscal Strategy Division) of any changes that should be made to the NCAP tools to incorporate additional tools or amend existing tools that may be of benefit to other agencies. Any feedback or suggestions should be emailed to

Title Date File type Link
Illustrative Examples for Fair Value Measurement December 2014 pdf download (525 K)
Better Practice Guidelines for Valuation Instructions December 2014 pdf download (525 K)
Sample Valuation Letters December 2014 pdf download (535 K)
Template for Land and Building Valuations December 2014 pdf download (500 K)
Checklist for Revaluations December 2014 pdf download (540 K)
Checklist for Testing and Adjusting for Impairment December 2014 pdf download (540 K)

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