Coal royalties support communities throughout Queensland including those regional mining communities where the coal was mined.

As Queenslanders, we own the state’s mineral resources, including coal. That’s why mining companies pay royalties when they sell the coal.

Queensland has some of the best quality coal in the world that’s in strong global demand. We are the world’s largest exporter of the coal used to make steel, essential for the global transition to clean energy – from wind turbines to electric vehicles.

Strong demand means coal royalties that benefit all Queenslanders. They help pay for initiatives like cost-of-living support through to critical infrastructure and essential services.

Cost-of-living support

Helping to reduce the cost of living for families and businesses through initiatives like electricity rebates and free kindy.

Health facilities and services

Better and easier access to medical care for regional Queenslanders.

Investments in infrastructure

Productivity-enhancing investments in cleaner, cheaper, more reliable energy and water, and improved ports.

Global demand

The world needs Queensland’s high-quality coal to help transition to clean energy. This means a strong future for jobs and investment in Queensland.

Royalties explained

Mining and petroleum royalty payments are made to the owner of resources for the right to extract them.


Watch the series of videos to learn about coal royalties.