Better Regulation

The Queensland Government is committed to a competitive regulatory framework that supports Queensland’s economy and encourages investment while ensuring necessary community and environmental safeguards are maintained.

The government supports this commitment through a fit-for-purpose regulatory framework to ensure the development, review and administration of regulation is necessary, effective and efficient, thereby achieving policy objectives while minimising costs on business and the community:

The Office of Best Practice Regulation (OBPR) provides regulatory advice, analytical support and training to Queensland Government officers on the development of regulation, application of regulatory best practice principles and regulatory impact analysis (RIA) under the Policy.

Better Regulation Policy and process

The regulatory review requirements set out in the Policy are intended to improve the quality of regulation through a robust, transparent and evidence-based process to identify the option that effectively addresses the policy problem and maximises the net benefit to the community.

Guidance for policy makers

The Queensland Government Better Regulation Policy, guidance notes with detail on key steps of regulatory impact analysis, and templates to assist agencies prepare an Impact Analysis Statement (IAS).

Notify the OBPR of regulatory proposal or provide an IAS

Notify the OBPR of a regulatory proposal, or provide an IAS for the OBPR’s records, by emailing


For Queensland Government officers: Improve regulatory analysis, and learn how to calculate compliance costs and apply best practice policy principles in Queensland by undertaking training.

Key resources for agencies:


Regulator performance framework

The OBPR has an oversight role in supporting implementation of the regulator performance framework and publishes all regulatory performance reports.


Published Regulatory Impact Statements

Historical record of Regulatory Impact Statements (and their final letter of advice) published under the Queensland Government Guide to Better Regulation between 2013 and 2023 .

Agency assessed exclusions portal (closed)

The agency assessed exclusions portal is now closed. Under the Queensland Government Better Regulation Policy, an IAS template is required to be completed for all regulatory proposals.

Last updated: 6 March 2024