Regulatory review

The Office of Best Practice Regulation (OBPR) administers the Queensland Government’s regulatory review requirements, which aim to ensure regulation is necessary, well-designed and fit-for-purpose.

The office delivers training and guidance, provides formal advice on the quality of regulatory review, and oversees the regulator performance framework.

Regulatory review process

Regulatory review is intended to improve the quality of regulation through a robust, transparent and evidence-based process to identify the option that effectively addresses the policy problem and maximises the net benefit to the community.

Guidance for policy makers

Guidance including the Queensland Government Guide to Better Regulation, guidance notes with more detail on key steps of regulatory impact analysis, and templates help agencies present a regulatory proposal for assessment.

Published Regulatory Impact Statements

Once approved by the relevant portfolio Minister or Cabinet, the office publishes the Regulatory Impact Statement and its final letter of advice.

Regulator performance framework

The OBPR has an oversight role in supporting implementation of the regulator performance framework and publishes all regulatory performance reports.

Lodge a Regulatory Impact Analysis assessment

Lodge a Preliminary Impact Assessment, OBPR-assessed exclusion request or a Regulatory Impact Statement by emailing


Improve regulatory analysis, and learn how to apply best practice policy principles in Queensland by undertaking training.

Agency assessed exclusions portal

Register agency assessed exclusions, access the User Guide, excel template and ‘how to’ videos.

Last updated: 7 June 2022