Build to Rent Pilot Project

Partnering with industry to deliver affordable rental housing to more Queenslanders

What is Build-to-Rent?

Build-to-Rent is typically large-scale residential property which has been specifically designed, built and managed as a single asset for long term ownership and rental. Build-to-Rent developments seek returns from long-term rental income, rather than up-front sales or capital growth, driving an increased focus on tenant experience and satisfaction. Build-to-Rent targets the growing renter market seeking secure long-term rentals with increased amenity.

In Australia there is growing interest in large scale Build-to-Rent projects that incorporate both affordable and market rentals.

Build-to-Rent Pilot Project

The Queensland Government is looking to work with developers, investors and/or consortia to facilitate Build-to-Rent developments in Queensland.

This Pilot Project will provide a targeted rental subsidy to deliver affordable and market rental housing within Build-to-Rent developments in Brisbane. The final development is expected to provide all residents with a high amenity rental experience, access to transport and employment nodes and premium service delivery. The Pilot Project will initially target delivery of developments on privately owned land at the cost and risk of a successful proponent.

Requests for Detailed Proposal

Following a successful Expressions of Interest Phase, the Government has now announced the progression of the Request for Detailed Proposals (RFDP) phase of the Project (link)

Shortlisted proponents have now been invited to develop detailed proposals outlining their innovative Build-to-Rent developments and affordable housing solutions.

Last updated: 17 July 2020