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Government Owned Corporations (GOCs) need reporting and approval requirements for financial arrangements that facilitate the pursuit of commercial objectives. This Code of Practice outlines approval requirements and guidelines within which GOCs must operate in entering into financial arrangements. The Code applies to all GOCs declared under the GOC Act (except QIC Limited) and their subsidiaries.

This paper outlines the application of the elements of the Competition Principles Agreement to Queensland Local Government and is based on two issues papers prepared by the joint State/Local Government NCP Working Group and feedback from councils and other major stakeholders.

The purpose of this statement is to outline the approach to be taken by the Queensland Government in applying the principle of competitive neutrality to its Significant Business Activities(SBAs). The statement fulfils the commitment of the Queensland Government, under the National Competition Policy(NCP) agreements (notably the Competition Principles Agreement), to publish such a statement by 30 June 1996.